Death is a debt that all men must pay!

The only time even the most powerful become powerless is in front of death.

This is not an obituary, nor is it an epitaph, this is just me expressing my feelings towards someone who is no more…

Over the years, I had read about Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa, Madam Curie and so on…while all these people are revered, we tend to forget the more powerful and charitable ladies in and around us.

Amma, mother, Mom- the word itself is great, I used to call her Periyammai ( elder than mother) and in all senses she was someone who was elder to my mother.

Way back, when I was a kid, I used to see her during my visit to Haripad (my maternal grandmother’s native) and she was always kind to me during that time.

In 2015, just out of college, in the career crossroads, didn’t know what to do, didn’t know where to go, didn’t have a plan. She called me up one day and asked to come to Bangalore and offered a job which I may not have been qualified for at that point of time. What I then didn’t know was how remarkable a journey I was embarking upon, I was never left alone, sometimes I used to think my own family wouldn’t take care of me so much.

I stayed at Domlur for about 1.5 years, during that time, I got to know her more, her helpful nature, her planning, her love and affection towards everyone. The way she treated everyone, I doubt anybody would have anything bad to say about her, she saw the good in everyone, even when others around her couldn’t. I have seen her help many, always charitable and always happy and cheerful. I curse you god for taking away that wonderful smile from us.

She was the support I received when I felt the whole world was against me. In all senses she was my mother at Banglore, I still feel the taste of that awesome coffee you make me in the morning Periyammai…

When I heard the news of her sudden demise, I didn’t know how to respond, how to react to the news, didn’t even have the strength to speak to anyone, it took me a day to get a hold of myself. I have witnessed deaths of many, near and dear, but none so dear as her. A pillar of support to many, the lady with the smile, until we meet again. Farewell!

Smt. Thangam Parameshwaran w/o Subramoney Parameshwaran and mother of MudRoads and Soumya Jagdish.

You will be missed dearly Periyammai, and I hope god gives us strength to continue this journey without your ever smiling cheerful face.


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